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Join us for NEXTWORDS, the annual reading series organized, curated by and featuring graduating MFA students of CalArts' Creative Writing Program.

Erik Alessandro Mondrian is a writer, artist, and scholar who makes work about place, belonging, love, longing, and madness. He holds an MA in Mass Communication & Media Studies from San Diego State University, focusing on virtual worlds as new media, and will be graduating this year from CalArts with an Interschool MFA in VoiceArts & Creative Writing and supplemental concentration in Integrated Media. He lives wherever the dreams take him.

Leann Lo Young Adult/ New Adult Fiction Writer. From Fresno, CA. Raised by her mom and grandma. B.A. in English, Communication, and Classics from Fresno Pacific University. #Ravenclaw

Jesse Garrett VanDenKooy is a composer, graphic designer, computer technician and author of Fae: The Book of Faolan, The World is Among Us, The Midnight Orchestra, Fae: The Book of Keane, and Trout are Selfish: Short Fictions and Transitions

Chelsea Dright is a writer, aesthetician, and tricoteuse hailing from Los Angeles. She writes fiction. Her hobbies include resurrecting long-dead literary genres, watching HBO, and discussing the consequences of fictional political systems. She's watched The Empire Strikes Back 847 times and has 16 opinions on it, so don't try her. Her favorite Disney movie is Who Framed Roger Rabbit.